Friday, December 18, 2009

The visitors have arrived!!!

Que bueno! Granny Grandad and Auntie Geetha escaped the snow at Heathrow just in time and have arrived in Cusco. They are feeling a bit wobbly with the altitude jetlag and sheer exhaustion of their 30 hr 3 flight journey but the main thing is they are here! After 16 months it is so good to see them again and now we are feeling happy and christmassy they have brought with them mince meat, stollen, shortbread, christmas puddings,ribena, stuffing, branston pickle, tea bags, reindeer ears, christmas music as well as a ton of christmas presents. Anjanette said that all that mattered was that Granny Grandad and auntie G were coming to celebrate Christmas, Samuel said all that mattered to him was that Granny Grandad Aunty G and Father Christmas were coming!

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