Tuesday, November 10, 2009

two thefts in one week!

We have always known that the crime rate is high in Peru and gringos are often targets. Since living here we have had our mobile phones,camera and various parts of the car stolen. Well since the radicales have left we are running the coffee shop with much fewer staff and it seems like we are being targeted.
Last Friday annoyingly the church mobile phone was stolen from the coffee shop and today after a really great kids club( with 3 new children as well as 3 families who attend regularly) Anjanette put her bag at the back of the coffee shop where we keep our personal belongings near the counter. Inside the bag was a small ipod and speaker which we use for the music group. Well when it was time to go home we could not find the bag anywhere and we remembered seeing some people loitering near the counter earlier.
So we have tightened up on security and rearranged the coffee shop, we are all being much more vigilant and have also spoken with the shops either side of us who also are keeping a look out for thieves. In future Anjanette will transfer all the songs on to CD and use the coffee shop CD player instead of walking around with ipod and speaker, it has been a sobering reminder to us that we really need to watch our belongings all the time! Right now we are feeling very tired after a very busy few months starting the church, also our house move and we are annoyed and cross(with ourselves) that our belongings have been stolen !!

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