Friday, October 23, 2009

House Hunting

We have had a frustrating week trying to find a house to live in which was within budget, within walking distance of the cafe church, secure, with off road parking, big enough for visitors and preferably with a garden for the children to play in. I can't remember how many houses and apartments we looked at this week. Too expensive ,too small, too far away, 4th floor apartment with no lift (not good at high altitude) poor security, no garden ......
Well we have come full circle and have decided to rent the first house we saw and really liked last week but was too expensive, thankfully yesterday the landlords agreed to drop the price.
A funny story I must tell you is that here in Peru many people don't advertise their houses for rent in the newspapers and so in order to find a house to rent you literally go out knocking on the doors and asking if they would like to rent out their house!! So we have been knocking on a lot of doors this week!
Thankyou for praying about this very real need , our current landlords return in January and with the radicales leaving in a few weeks we really need to be based close to the church, God has answered our prayers and we are delighted that in 2 weeks we will be moving in to a large house in a popular area which is 2 mins away from the cafe church and the banks and supermarkets. It has a small patio , off road parking and is really safe and secure.
On Monday we hope to sign the contract , how exciting !!

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Bakkesblogg said...

Very nice to hear!! Do you have any photo of the house? Love from me!