Friday, September 18, 2009

quotes from the Williamson household this week

Samuel said to Jessica Mi Casa su Casa

Scott to Anjanette Why is it that you are hanging up fresh smelling washing and I am
cleaning out smelly drains!

Jessica : I love examens they are so easy and afterwards you get to have a really long play

Jessica: He is so lucky having diarrhoea he gets to drink cocoa cola !

Samuel: Viva La tierra Viva el Sol !

Anjanette to Samuel: Please play quietly when you wake up at 0530!
Anjanette to Scott: let's try and black out the windows in Samuel's room!

Samuel: I can hear the pumping of my heart

Anjanette : there is so much chlorine in the tap water it's like washing my hair in swimming pool water

Scott: how amazing, we prayed before the service that the coffee shop landlandy would come to the service and she did!

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