Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kids Event on the local sports court today

making bracelets with coloured beads which explain the gospel story

teaching the lesson after each game

water games

balloon vollet ball
having fun with the microphone

afterwards over 100 people squashed into the cafe for drinks and popcorn!

busy busy busy!

Over 80 local kids came today!

Today the president of the local community and the secretary of local sporting events gave us the use of the sports courts and electricity from his house for free. We put on an event called
"Kids Games" where we divided up children into age groups then played different games, each game had a meaning or a lesson behind it so after each game the children sat and listened to the teaching, at the end the children heard a simple gospel presentation and made bracelets with coloured beads which tell the story of why Jesus died for us on the cross.
Afterwards over 100 children and adults walked 2 minutes back to the coffee shop, it was a very exciting time!
We hope to do a similar activity in the future hopefully on a monthly basis and some of the new church members also are keen to help us run the event which is really wonderful!

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