Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jessica Knows best

well today is one of the Saturdays (every other week) for a while when we are supposed to send Jess and Sam to school to make up for weeks they missed when the school was shut due to government concerns over swine flu. To the teachers' horror we have opted not to send them on Saturdays since they need to rest and we run a kids club on Saturday morning at church which they enjoy. This week was an exception and we gave Jess the choice to go since her year would be watching a production from a theatre company and she chose to go. When she asked Anjanette if she could wear her own clothes to school the answer was "No, wear your school uniform". When Scott took her to school and found the other children wearing their own clothes he popped home for a change of clothes for her, on his arrival she told him she had a secret. "Daddy I have got my own clothes on under my school uniform because I knew best!!"

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