Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday morning cafe church

Jessica usually likes to have mariposa facepaint

Nidiam sharing her story of faith

Jackie playing games with the children

Mery teaching the children and yes Samuel is wearing a jacket shirt and tie!

delighted that Michael and Maxi 2 students from our church group are working in the cafe too!

Praise God for a great morning our second Sunday morning cafe church style. We were starting to wonder if it was really going to work since no one was coming and Peruvians tend to spend all day Sunday with their families, then 90 mins after the advertised start time about fifteen people came to the cafe! We served free drinks and pancakes, did facepainting , played games, had a small Sunday school and had a good long time to chat and share with the adults. One lady in particular expressed a desire to know more about God and plans to return to our church service this evening. Please pray for wisdom as we try to work out the best strategy for this very informal Sunday morning meeting. Whilst we have been in Arequipa this week the radicales held the fort, they have been doing questionnaires in the universities and had the cafe open for business including many new students attending our Thursday night youth meeting.

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