Sunday, August 16, 2009

starting to feel like church

The cafe chairs set up for our more formal church service Sunday afternoon.
What an exciting time we had! A new family heard by word of mouth about us and so came and joined us, also a lady and her daughter who we met this afternoon when we were giving out flyers in the park came along. The church is no longer a student meeting but we are starting to work with people of all ages which is great! Tonight for the first time we had a weekly offering and at the end of the month we may even have a short (5 mins) church meeting to talk about how to distribute the money! Cultural experiences continue to amuse and frustrate us, could you imagine in England leaving your 2 year old and going out to the supermarket to buy bread because the service was slow (45 mins) to start?
Praise God that he is sending us new people and that our work is really starting to take off! After months of slogging at language and more recently Scott in particular worked really hard preparing the cafe church it is such a joy to see our hopes, dreams and plans starting to happen what a wonderful God we serve!

playing kerplunk at our informal sunday morning cafe church

using musical instruments during singing time

Scott playing dominoes

Nidiam sharing verses from the bible with 2 ladies who hope to start up a bible study group.

This morning we had a wonderful time at our informal Sunday morning cafe church. Quite a few families came ,some stayed for the whole morning; we had a Sunday school class and played games and sang songs , families also played games at their tables, children enjoyed having their faces painted and some people were very interested to learn more about God as we chatted with them at their tables. People who we had met over the course of the week returned and we are feeling so encouraged. When it was time to close the morning we gathered everyone together to share a verse from the bible and to pray together the start of what we hope will one day become a morning service very exciting!!!!!!

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