Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jessica's broken arm

Poor old Jess! Yesterday she sustained a greenstick fracture to her left forearm when another child fell on her at the bottom of a slide. She has been incredibly brave so much so that we nearly didn't take her to the hospital! Thankfully we did and the whole process in hospital took less than 2 hours which was amazing! She will have the cast removed in 3 weeks .
She is very proud of her cast and is looking forward to all her friends signing it. she has even written on the names of some friends and family in the UK who can not sign it!She seems to be enjoying all the attention and was dancing around with excitement when our kind missionary friends Jason and Rebecca brought over a card made by their daughters and a plate of brownies!
Thankyou all for your wellwishes and prayers. Not wanted to be left out, Samuel is also sleeping with his arm resting on a pillow at the moment!

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Angela said...

Jessica- please put KMFC on your cast, to remind you that the friends at Kirby Muxloe are praying for you!! Get well soon x