Sunday, May 3, 2009

good first meeting

Thank you so much for your prayers , we had our first meeting with a few of the students this afternoon. Typically it started late and various people we'd hoped would come didn't , but it was great to meet to pray together and make plans for the future weeks. This week we will be prayer walking and hoping that the students invite their friends to a service we are having at 4pm Thursday afternoon.
We have asked the group to think about some bible verses to put on the wall and also to have a name for the group , they came up with Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) , so now we have a place to meet, a name, a core commited group, a plan and an almighty God in whom we do indeed have new hope!

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Sue R said...

Great to see God and you moving forward. It was great to see you on main stage at the Baptist assembly and the children certainly got the ooh haa factor!!