Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eventful journey home from Ecuador

the lorry blocking the road when we returned to our house!

Vicky had warned us that at Guyaquil airport they do spot checks on the bags so we were not surprised when Scott was called off the plane to go and open his suitcase (unfortunately full of womens and childrens' clothes!) however we were surprised when we heard Anjanette's name being called on the next plane from Lima to Cusco. They had printed Jess's name twice on the boarding cards and not Anjanette's so thought that maybe she was lost ! We filled in numerous forms and answered questions about swine flu, were amused at the various outfits people wore at the airports a cross between surgical scrubs and the hairnets we had to wear when we used to fo washing up in the IMC kitchens. We did not however admit that Samuel has had a cough for weeks or that we had stayed in the house of children in Guyaquil who are currently in quarantine since they are amongst the thousand or so pupils who attend the school of a confirmed case!
We had delays leaving Lima due to fog but perhaps the greatest surprise was when the taxi couldn't enter our road due to a broken down lorry blocking the way , hopefully it will have moved by tomorrow!

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