Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Delighted to be doing medicine again

Today Anjanette visited La Fuente (the fountain) clinic which is a christian medical clinic run by american missionaries. Since 1 year training at IMC then 8 months of language study here in Peru it has been a long time since seeing patients. Today I just observed the consultations but was able to understand most of what was being said and next week I will start seeing my own patients. How exciting!! Praise God for the wonderful work being done in this clinic and for the possibility of working there one day a week while I work towards my medical accreditation , the remaining days I will be having language classes as well as working with the student group.

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MogA said...

Im so glad to read this! Hope you will enjoy the work at the clinic!! A big hug from us, and thanks for letting us have your husband an afternoon!!