Thursday, March 19, 2009

Punishment for being late

On Monday Scott left the house early to collect someone from the airport and Anjanette sadly misjudged the time it takes to get herself and the children breakfasted dressed and up the hill to school for an 0800 start without any help from Scott, we got there on the dot of 0800 and the deputy head closed the school gates.
The punishment for being late is that you have to wait until 08 10 when they reopen the gate so that you don't interrupt the assembly in the playground. Poor Jess was sad to be the other side of the gate when she heard them singing the Peruvian National Anthem!
In a culture where it is normal and acceptable to be late the teachers try to encourage the parents to be on time, (although interestingly we often have a long wait when we collect the children from school or wait for the start of the director's speech on parents' evening!)
So we felt quite ashamed and embarrassed (although there were about 40 children behind us also late!) The outcome is that Jessica wakes up and puts on her uniform now at 06 30, we have time to do her new bible study book that Aunty Raewyn from New Malden Baptist church sent for her birthday (another good habit for every morning) although we still have to cajole Samuel to get dressed he also understands the consequences of being late for school , we leave nice and early so they have time for a long play in the playground with their friends before assembly and the outcome is good all round!

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