Friday, March 13, 2009

Our week in Cusco

Samuel enjoying the rainstorm

peach tree in our garden with fabulous view of the Andes

Cusco city, Viva El Peru!

We are enjoying getting used to our new home, the children are settling into their new school and Samuel is speaking and singing a lot more spanish at home now which is great to hear.

Jessica loves spotting the beautiful turquoise humming birds in the garden but the main garden activity has been dealing with the dog! Pinky the garden dog has been on heat and escaping under the fence to meet her friends to attach herself to them as the children say. what a nightmare Scott, another friend and Pinky herself have all been scratched and injured on the fence trying to sort out this naughty dog, fortunately the fence has been reinforced and she can no longer escape.
Since she is so naughty and possibly pregnant (was not expected to go into heat anymore )it was suggested to us that we have her put down or even cheaper wrap her in a blanket and drown her , we can't bring ourselves to do either but it does show us that in a country where humans struggle to survive a dog's life really has little value, however the children and Scott really like her!

We had our first parents evening, what an experience 7pm at night in the cold dark we sat in the school playground on chairs to listen to a speech from the headmistress and meet the teachers, she started with some bad news, the school was hoping to buy the land it currently rents and since this is not possible it will be moving in the near future to a site as yet undecided!! Well as many other things in Peru seem uncertain, so does the location of the childrens' school but we are pleased that apart from some tummy ache when the spanish sums where hard Jess has settled well and we are particularly pleased with how happy Sammy is and that he now goes to Sunday school without Anjanette!

Other exciting adventures this week have been playing in the tropical rainstorm and seeing a very impressive hailstorm , mopping up all the leaks in the house then shortly after poor Scott gets sunburnt! We enjoyed having our first visitor from Arequipa, Mona from the Norwegian mission was visiting Cusco she had lunch with us and enjoyed collecting Jessica from Ausungate school where her children attended when they used to live and work in Cusco

Scott Anjanette and Lily (our new one to one private spanish teacher )are getting used to each other and making progress.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that happened this week is the miracle of Miguel. Our house help Goya has a 23 year old son Miguel, 10 days ago he fell from a ladder from a height of 8m and sustained a head injury. For a few days he was sedated in Intensive care poor Goya and her husband were only allowed to visit twice a day for a short period, it seemed like neurosurgery might be necessary and his condition was critical for a few days. After many people all over the world prayed for him he began to recover, surgery was not necessary, he was moved to the ward then discharged home and is recovering well. The doctors said that he shouldn't have survived a head injury from such a height and likened it to the raising of Lazarus back from the dead!
How wonderful to be reminded that even today our powerful God continues to do miracles that medical science can't explain!

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