Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a Relief!

Last week we felt far from home 3 of our family members back in UK all had hospital procedures or elective operations we were very concerned and felt quite homesick fortunately they are all recovering well and one turned out to be a false alarm!

We then received news that the house that we will rent from missionaries in Cusco has some of their family from overseas living there and would it be all right for us all to live together for an indefinate period of time. The answer was not really and we risked having to move into a hotel and search for alternate accomodation however everthing was sorted and they assure us that their family will move out before we arrive at the end of February!

So a bit of a rollercoaster this past week as well as language exams and a tearful goodbye to Cayma church, but in the midst of all the unsettled uncertainty we know that God is faithful.

We are now living in a chaotic house that we are in the process of packing as well as continuing with language classes and Jess and Sam have their teacher look after them at home for a few hours each day.Please pray for us as we try and get all the packing done over this next week.

Great news those who have been praying for our friends' daughter Martine(a missionary family who recently returned to Denmark as she needs treatment for a brain tumour) is that she is making excellent progress , seems to be responding to her treatment and that she has been riding her bike!!Very different from the weak listless little girl we said goodbye to when they left Peru just before Christmas!

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