Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The CEBP conference

Pastor Carlos (head of missions) praying for us and other missionaries, Sam fast asleep!

Jess and Sam and the map of Peru

Scott preaching

Scott and Pastor Pepe from Lima(president) and Pastor Carlos from Trujillo

Thankyou for your prayers , this week a fun time was had by all.
Scott esta en su salsa, a new phrase we learnt at language school, to be in your sauce as in to be in your element. We have really enjoyed getting to know Peruvian Baptist Pastors and it is good to understand more about the convention and to feel as if we belong to something exciting.

Scott has been preaching every day, as well as driving various people around town doing errands. The blurb in the conference magazine announces him as being Pastor of one of the largest churches in England, think a bit of poetic license went into that part !

The children have enjoyed the kids actvities and to Anjanette's joy and amazement Samuel has stayed on his own and cried when it was hometime! However the night that we were prayed for on the stage when "los Williamson" was introduced to the convention was just too much for Sam and he was fast asleep .

Our home has been pretty crazy with all the coming and going, the children are sharing a room so that we have 2 double spare rooms and this week we have had 6 different guests in total, not more than 3 at a time.

Other exciting things that have happened this week, Anjanette broke the key in the lock and locked us all out of the house so quickly had to learn the spanish words for lock and locksmith. Anjanette had started studying and trying to make sense of the subjunctive. Jess and Sam celebrated the month of Carnival with a traditional water fight for their last day of holiday school (vacationes utiles).
As the conference draws to an end and we say goodbye to our visitors the next big tasks are to attempt our language school tests and then to commence the packing!

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