Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jessica's Graduation

Today was a historic day for the Williamsons.Complete with Cap and Gown Jessica graduated from her preschool Didache.All of the children in the school dressed up; the boys in suits , the girls in frilly white dresses . The ceremony started with us all singing the Peruvian national anthem and the children marching with the Peru flag. Samuel also received a certificate for his work this year and to our great surprise they both joined in the ballroom dancing with partners! Jessica and 5 others graduated , similar to a beauty pageant she was introduced and the MC told us her favourite colour food school subjects and her wish to be a doctor when she grows up. Each child who was graduating recited a bible verse or short poem then the whole class recited a poem and vote of thanks followed by a cocoa cola toast propsed by Pastor Ricardo to the children who were graduating. Each child graduating needed padrinos (godparents) who were involved in the festivities; had their photos taken , put the cap on Jess, gave her gifts and made a speech. We are so grateful to our friends from language school Libby and Emma who are working with Latin Link, they were wonderful madrinos and also are great story tellers baby sitters and friends. Today was quite an experience and an eye opener to see how much importance Peruvians place on the transition from preschool to school.However we are so thrilled that after only 3 months here at their new school Jess and Sam have made friends (even if such friends encouraged Sam to cut his hair with the paper scissors )and are happily chatting away to their friends and teachers in spanish.We suspect that less fuss will be made of Jess when she graduates from secondary school or University than was made today, fortunately she enjoyed all the fuss immensely!

video clip of Jessica reciting a bible verse in spanish

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Angela said...

Well done Jessica- are you now Jessica Williamson PPE?
A graduate in Peruvian Preschool Education