Sunday, December 21, 2008

Didache school Nacamiento

Today was the big day, Jessica was Maria and Samuel was one of the Angels in the school nativity play which was performed as part of the Sunday morning church service .
The teachers worked so hard and all the children were brilliant they had lots of words to memorise, the youngest member of the preschool fell asleep before the play started and so when the time came for Jesus to be born the sleeping toddler was placed at Mary and Joseph's feet! Other slightly different aspects of the play were Mary wearing a pink and blue outfit and the shepherds in very regal shiny outfits .We were surprised to see a Snowman placed above the Cross as part of the church decorations and we were shocked this week on Wednesday afternoon to be told that the school term had finished (we expected there to be 2 more days!) A phrase another missionary has taught us that we are started to use quite a lot is T.I.P This is Peru! Things are very different here and yet in some ways since we have found good friends to celebrate Christmas with we feel quite at home.
After the nativity play the children went downstairs for a "Chocolatada" a Peruvian Christmas tradition where they enjoy paneton and hot chocolate . The adults stayed in church and the pastor preached a moving message after which a number of visitors expressed an interest in knowing more about the wonderful Christ who we celebrate this Christmas.

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Angela said...

Paneton and hot chocolate - wow!
Loved the nativity pictures
God's richest blessings to you and yours this Christmastide x