Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from the beach

We have spent an enjoyable bank holiday weekend at the beach, 2 hrs drive from Arequipa. It was good to have a break from the city and we hired a beach house which belongs to the Norwegian Mission. Apart from the flies and the insect bites we had a lovely relaxing time with no TV telephones or internet. The house is on a hill overlooking fields and countryside and at the bottom of the hill you can watch the waves crashing on the shore. And the waves certainly do crash, the water is so rough that many of the beaches have red flags; only in Peru do you go to the beach and as well as hiring deckchairs and an umbrella you can hire a paddling pool for the children to play in safely. Jess had great fun collecting shells, Samuel was not very impressed by the dancing crabs on the beach. Scott and Anjanette loved watching the birds of prey flying overhead. We are awed at the beauty of God's marvelous creation and so thankful that we are able to share in it and enjoy it too.

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