Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trip to Lima

Peruvian Bears at Lima Zoo

Jess at the Water Park

Sam at the water park

Scott and Jess in the water tunnel

We have just returned from our trip to Lima.Coming back to Arequipa really feels like coming home.
The reason for the trip was to secure the childrens' ID cards at immigration but we also had the chance to enjoy time with friends as well as see some of the tourist attractions such as the water park with impressive dancing fountains and light and laser show, also we had fun at the zoo in Lima seeing a lot of animals native to Peru . Lima is similar to many capital cities big busy dirty noisy pricey and progressive, we went shopping in Jockey Plaza a modern shopping mall which overlooks the race course, it reminded us of similar malls in the UK or USA. In jockey plaza we were able to buy essential items like a flashing spiderman T shirt for Samuel and a rugby ball!
Whilst there Scott went to a youth event for young people about 1000 young people from the Lima Baptist churches attended, the evening lasted 4 hours , it was exciting to witness what God is doing among young people there and we look forward to seeing what God will do among the young people in the Baptist church in Cusco in the future.
So complete with a box of 50 mini dunkin donuts we bought for our friends at language school we are happy to be home in sunny Arequipa very grateful to God that we are now all official peruvian residents.

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M&A said...

If you want to be a good missionary, I think you need a big heart. Therefore I know that Anjenette and Scott are, and will be, great missionaries. You have to look hard to find people like them! Love from me!