Friday, November 28, 2008

Jess and Sam visit the Pepe project

This week Sam and Jess had a school trip to visit a Pepe
preschool in Arequipa. (click on her picture to enlarge and read)
Jessica Writes:
My Visit to Pepe by Jess
Pepe is a preschool for poor children.
They learn their lessons and learn about Jesus.
We went on the school bus to visit Pepe.
We sang together and had a snack.
We took presents.Mine was a dolly
Sam took cars.


Deepak and Celia said...

Great to see you all having a ball of a time.
Looks more like you're in Disneyworld than in Mission!!!

Ha Ha from your missionary friend who is expanding his knowledge of modern day mission!

Bob said...

Jess - that's a really good piece of writing. Well done! Soon you can write Daddy's sermons for him.