Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Tenses, new car, house guests and school party

What a week we have had! Anjanette has a new grammar teacher and has learnt 2 new tenses this week. We (or rather BMSWorldmisison)have purchased a vehicle on Wednesday, Scott has learnt lots about paper work and patience as well as crazy driving ! We have friends staying with us for a few days a German missionary family of 4, all of the children in the house have coughs and colds and no one is sleeping too well! On Thursday we celebrated Sam's 4th birthday at his preschool with 24 children , we broke tradition and asked all the children to shake his hand rather than hugging and kissing him which he really doesn't like. We suspect that one day he probably will like it!
One tradition we didn't expect was that not only did the birthday boy get the cake in the face but the birthday sister and the birthday parents too. Sadly the car got the cake in the face before us, on the way to the party we braked suddenly and the bright red spiderman cake was splatted on the dash board! We tried our best to repair it and couldn't believe it when the teachers told us that the cake shop we bought it from could have delivered it to the school! Never mind Sam had fun he really enjoyed bashing the pinata and we were touched to see how happy and settled he is celebrating with his new friends after such a short time.
So tomorrow brings the start of another (hopefully )less chaotic week, it begins with Scott preaching and celebrating Samuel's actual birthday with our friends from language school.

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