Friday, October 17, 2008

Ausangate School in Cusco

Today we received confirmation that Jess and Sam have definate school places at Ausungate bilingual school.In the photo they are standing outside the school gates with their new friend Sammy.In case you are wondering ,yes Samuel is wearing a tie which he decided he needed to meet the head teacher.We all really liked the school the facilities ,the ethos of the school and the attitude of the teachers.The school garden is in a basin and whilst playing the children see hills farms animals and aeroplanes landing and taking off close by. The house we will rent when we first move there is 5mins walk from the house this is particularly good since Sam (8.00-12.30) and Jess (8.00-14.00) will have different hours. Their new school year starts at the beginning of March.
Last night we started a weekly english dinner and bible study/prayer group in our home it was a real joy for us all to pray and share in english and our prayer point was that we would hear soon about the childrens' school place.For this answer to prayer we are very grateful

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