Monday, September 1, 2008

Greetings from Arequipa Peru.

Gracias a Dios we have arrived!
Well we have been in Peru for 12 days and we are really excited that this months blog has so much more news.

In 12 days we spent 17 hours flying, 16 hours on a long bus journey, 11 hours in Immigration ,9 hours in church and have heard El Condor Paso 3 times so far!

More than ever before, we have felt uplifted in prayer and are so grateful to you all for praying with us and supporting us. We we very concerned about such long journeys with fidgety Samuel, after 10 hours flying from Heathrow to Miami he said “Are we really there? That was a short journey!”

We received a wonderful welcome from Margaret Swires a BMS colleague based in Lima, we all stayed with her in her 2 bed flat and she helped us do get our ID residency papers and all our admin and fright sorted. Margaret then travelled on the bus with us to Arequipa and is helping us get the house organised, open bank accounts and general orientation. Lima was very cold grey and damp and we are delighted that Arequipa is lovely and warm in the daytime (cold at night) and every where you go you see the beautiful view of the Volcano and mountains. We have visited the children’s preschool and our language school and are really looking forward to getting down to language learning this week.

Samuel is enjoying singing Spanish songs he is learning at church, Jessica made friends with some girls at Sunday school today but she is quite nervous about her new school. Please pray that the children will settle easily at school, we are pleased to discover that they both will have an American child in their class which will be helpful as they get used to new things.

The house we are renting is nice and spacious the children are enjoying having a room each and we have enormous 6 ft cactus house plants inside and out!

We are grateful for safety in travel and good health , please pray for patience and perseverance for us and for the language teachers. Please pray that the children will quickly settle, make new friends and that we we all make good progress in Spanish.

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