Friday, August 31, 2018

June 2018 Scott visits El Puente

Scott returned to visit the church and the school and to encourage the believers at El Puente. The church are focusing on evangelism in the community where the church and school is as well as 2 other communities where childrens clubs where church members work each week . Well he arrived in the middle of football fever Peru were playing in the world cup  for the first time in 34 years, he had great fun reuniting with friends and also celebrating Peru in the plaza de armas !
church lunch 
visiting the school 
coffee with church members
celebrating Peru in the plaza de armas 

August 2017 Rayleigh Baptist church mission trip to Cusco

Very proud of how the brits joined in the festivities !!
4 williamsons looking good!
church prayer meeting 
What a joy for all four Williamsons and a group of friends from Rayleigh baptist church to visit El Puente. We spent 2 weeks in Cusco and joined in classes in the school and the  church childrens' activities, also in preaching and music ministry. We were there for the day of Peru so joined in the celebrations and the highlight of our visit was being there for the church anniversary to celebrate 8 years of Iglesia El Puente. It was great to reconnect with our Peruvian church family and for our UK church family to understand how much we love Cusco and to experience Peru for themselves!

With the teachers from los patriotas 
Good to see Goya and some llamas too!

November 2016 Colegio los patriotas

The school is going from strength to strength, they have their challenges and ups and downs but they continue to show God's love and to provide high quality education for the community . Every year they are adding another school year as the children graduate to another year and it wonderful to hear stories of parenting classes and special school celebrations being held at El Puente

May 2016 El Puente celebrates dia de la madre

Mothers' day is a big celebration in Peru. In this photo from May 2016  the church is celebrating and giving thanks for the mothers in the church and also for those who have been like a mother figure or a spiritual mother .

October 2015 Scott returns to visit Cusco

As promised Scott was privileged to be able to return to visit El Puente to encourage the church family there, he was so happy to be reunited with our Cusco church family and during that visit he had the joy of being able to baptise some new believers.

                                                      welcome home Pastor Scott!!

                                                           Baptising new believers

                                                 church lunch in the sanctuary after the baptismal service

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 2015 El Puente update

We plan to update the blog every few months with Cusco news. 

As the  Williamsons have been  settling into life in the UK we have been thrilled to hear that the church in Cusco is going from strength to strength. The baptistry has been finished , it was opened up and used for the first time on Easter Sunday for 2 young people! How wonderful to hear that people who we journeyed with and watched grow up, have made a public declaration of their faith and decided to go through the waters of baptism!

The other big news is the launch of the ludoteca project in the church building.

Ludo means play, the idea of the ludoteca is to have a centre with educational materials and resources to teach the children through play. The church is opened regularly to the community and many local children are now coming through the doors learning about all sorts of educational topics whilst experiencing God's love through the church members. We hope that many people in the community will experience the church as a safe and welcoming place

El Puente ask us to pray that the leaders and the volunteers will have lots of patience and creativity and they ask for prayers for each child and family. Thank you for your prayers and continued interest for Cusco.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We made it back to the UK

Well we had our final goodbye celebration with El Puente and the next day the whole church came to see us off at the airport, saying goodbye and leaving our Peruvian church family was heart breaking but we leave them knowing that they are safe in God's care and confident that the church will continue to go from strength to strength.

This week we arrived in cold England and although the winter weather has been a shock to the system, the warm welcome we received from our friends has made up for it. All of our suitcases that different people have been looking after for us made its way to the airport and the mini bus from our new church came to transport a huge amount of our luggage straight to the manse for us!

Please pray for us over these next few months as Scott visits our UK supporting churches, Jess and Sam settle into their new schools and Anjanette studies for her medical exams it will be a huge time of change for each one of us. Thank you for praying and supporting us on our Peruvian journey with BMS World Mission over the last 7 years. The support we have received from our friends and family and supporting churches has been overwhelming. We aim to update this blog a few times a year when we receive news from Peru, (Scott will be visiting Cusco every year) so we will keep you updated with the news from our lovely church family in Cusco.

Gracias y Dios les bendiga. Hasta pronto!

El Puente church prays for us as we leave

The Williamson family arrive at Heathrow airport